Create Database Managment
+ HR/Admin Management + Product / Service Management
      - Employee List       - Item List
      - Attendant List       - Stock in / Stock out / Current stock
      - Salary / Payroll       - Vendor List
+ Finance / Accounting + Marketing Management
      - AR       - Gold of Marketing List
      - AP       - Contract List
      - Cash Flow / Petty cash  
      - Cash Management  
  + Customer Management
        - Sale / Invoice
        - Customer List
How can you Create Database?
*Before you create an Access database, you must answer the following questions:
  • What is the purpose of this database and who will use it?
  • What tables (data) will this database contain?
  • What queries and reports do the users of this database need?
  • What forms do you need to create?
*Answering the above questions will lead you to a good database design, and help you create a database that is useful and usable. Importing data from another source, such as an Excel spreadsheet If your data exists in a different format, such as an Excel spreadsheet, you still need to create a database using Access. After you create a database, you can import or link the spreadsheet to a table in the newly-created database.
Why you should use Database (Local)?
  • In today's world you just can't escape the database . Right now there are literally over a million databases at work storing all sorts of information from government files to company employee records to consumer shopping habits.
Why Use a Database (Website)?
  • So, what possible use could you have for a database on your website? After all, you are just creating a site for yourself, your friends and your family.
  • As I mentioned earlier, there are a myriad of uses for databases. I'm sure it is easy to imagine all of the uses for a database on a commercial web site like an online store. You could store visitor information for logging in, purchase information, order logs, bookkeeping information, company reports, pricing structures, account information and the list goes on.
We create Software Development by Software Such as:
  • Access Database
  • VB or VB.net
  • Oracle